• Bent on making planet earth a more interesting place to exist, Digital Illustrator Chris Parks, AKA Pale Horse is constantly traveling to other dimensions, where he explores and hangs out with tattooed aliens, super-natural luchadores, mythological deities, mystical creatures, shape-shifting samurais, shamans and magickal wizards for inspiration. 
    When he returns from his travels, he works day and night in in front of his glowing Wacom tablet to bring to life what he has witnessed... no matter how little sense it might make to much of the population. His plan is to connect with as many like-minded people as possible through his work by producing it onto posters, T-shirts, publishing it in magazines and books, working it into advertisements and exhibiting his images on an endless variety of materials including: layered acrylic glass, wood, canvas, stained glass, skateboards, products and wall murals.
  • To his delight, many collectors, brands, bands, agencies and entertainment companies including: WWE, NIKE, Mini Cooper, Hasbro, PBR, FX, Arnette, DC Comics, Steadfast Brand and a bunch of other weirdos, have made it possible for Pale Horse to create new work virtually everyday of his life.
    Pale Horse is proudly represented by Bernstein & Andrulli  in NYC. Please contact B&A here to inquire about hiring Pale Horse to bring his unique aesthetic to your project. You won't be disappointed and will likely have fun working together, as he is very pleasant and excitable most of the time. Mainly becase all he does is draw pictures all day.
    For other inquiries, you can also email directly via: Chris@PaleHorseDesign.com
  • For more insight into the mind of Chris Parks...
    See this recent interview with ArtfulClub were he dives deep into his past, shares his daily rituals and reveals the methods he uses for staying creative & motivated.