Iggy Pop: 'Post Pop Depression' Gig Poster

Official gig poster for the Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression show during SXSW 2016 at The Moody Theater.
In-progess concept sketch phase
18x24in, 5 Color screenprint on 100# French Paper cover stock  • Printed with Fluorescent/Day-Glo/black light reflective inks.
Signed and numbered • Edition of 240 • Available here.
Super limited Foil variants available here. Edition of 20. Signed and numbered. 
Iggy pop is a true icon of creative freedom and expression here in America and abroad. In this modern, 'post pop' era, it's more important than ever to recognize and honor those who have paved the way during a time when unfiltered self expression was not something that was easily celebrated and adopted by the masses. 
Thanks for looking and add this poster to your collection with my online store. These neon inks look great under blacklight!

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