'Bird Series' Skateboard Deck Artwork & Logo Design: Owl | Raven | Eagle | Vulture
Client: Techné Skateboards

"Technê Skateboards is a collaboration of skaters, artists, and photographers working together to create an artistic brand that celebrates our love of skateboarding. Our decks are designed and shaped by skaters, for skaters with a true passion for the craft and art of skateboarding. These boards are not only made to be skated. Technê Skateboards collaborates with some amazing artists to create graphics that are works of art you can hang on your wall."
Technê Logo Design
Concept Sketches
Owl Skate Deck
Owl Progress
Owl & Raven Lineart Progress
Raven Skate Deck
Eagle Skate Deck
Vulture Skate Deck
Digital Artwork Mock-ups
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This series is now available from Technê Skateboards. 
Click here to skate or hang them on your wall.

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