The Palehorse studio located in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. USA
Studio Phone: 727-823-6202
Growing up on a steady diet of heavy music, skateboarding, tattoos and world travel, the illustrations, murals, screen-prints and gallery work of Palehorse serve as a winding trail of past explorations and illuminate his constant quest for Self-discovery and personal evolution. Inspired by an ever-growing fascination for spiritual practice, sacred art, ancient civilizations, plant medicines and world mythology, his images are designed to grab attention quickly, captivating the imagination and pointing towards the ineffable spirit that lies beyond the material world.
The bold, colorful and intricate illustrations of Palehorse have been commissioned by companies such as: National Geographic, FX, Under Armour, Nike, Mini Cooper, DC Shoes, WWE, Hasbro, Penguin Books, TECHNE Skateboards, Live Nation, Modelo, Brisk, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sonos, Variety Magazine, Wired Magazine and many others.
Palehorse is represented by Bernstein and Andriulli in NYC
Email: for commission inquiries
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