Series of tarot deck illustrations created in collaboration with Firstborn for the German brand of herbal liqueur Jägermeister. 

The Halloween-themed promotion that lets Snapchat users click on virtual Tarot cards to see their "cocktail fate." Scanning a Snapcode on Jägermeister-branded materials in bars or stores unlocks the "Divine the Darke" augmented reality (AR) experience. Printed tarot cards and social medial animations also complimented the campaign.
The AR experience overlays a digital image of a Tarot card on a real background through a smartphone. Tapping on the virtual card turns it over to show fortunes like "Trust in your instincts and follow your gut" or "Your fate is in your hands if you dare to go against the grain." Each fortune suggests a way to drink Jägermeister as a chilled shot or in a cocktail.
The campaign highlights Jägermeister's heritage as a celebratory drink among hunters while positioning the spirit as an essential ingredient for a memorable night.
Scan the Snapcodes below to unlock the "Divine the Darke" 
augmented reality experience:
Some of the social media animations created for the campaign:
Cocktail Illustrations:
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