‘Pale Horse Lucha: The Art of Lucha Libre’ Solo Exhibit explores the uniquely human condition of existential conflict and challenges traditional perceptions of creative expression by bringing ideas to life through a diverse array of artistic mediums. 
Presented through the lens of the century-old Mexican tradition of Lucha Libre and drawing inspiration from world mythology, Eastern religions and science fiction novels, this series examines the timeless concepts of good and evil, life and death, and the journey into the afterlife as they collide with the supernatural elements of time travel, psychic abilities and alternate dimensions to spawn a mystical universe.
Within each of us, there is a hero waiting to emerge, but we are often held captive by our own fear, pain and self-doubt. Look inside, find your greatest ambition, invoke the courage to break the spell and conquer the dark forces keeping you from fulfilling your true potential. 
Oráculo is overwhelmed as Serpentico calls forth the Striped Jaguar incarnation of Balam, the Aztec demigod, and commands him to destroy the famed luchador.
Pale Horse Lucha 'Balam' - Original character design concept.
Brought to life by professional wrestler Lince Dorado.
Mask and costume exectued by Lince Dorado.
Portrait and reference photography by Todd Bates.
...Infuriated by the loss of his men, Balam took on his jaguar form and lunged toward Serpentico. Balam fought bravely, but even with his extraordinary strength and agility, he was no match for the supernatural abilities of Serpentico. During the battle, Serpentico used his staff to topple a stone pillar and pin Balam to the ground. The mighty Aztec reverted to his human form and struggled helplessly until Serpentico ripped the heart from Balam’s chest. Serpentico stood above his vanquished opponent and consumed the still-beating heart, assuring that Balam would spend eternity as his slave. With the death of Balam, Serpentico brought an end to the once powerful Aztec civilization.
Balam, the ruthless warrior who took great delight in the suffering of humanity, is now doomed to endure the very same fate for eternity as Serpentico’s slave.
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Explore these links below to dive deeper into the project & illustration series as the mythology continues. Video is coming soon!
Pale Horse Lucha: Dedicated Website, created by Adam Kuhn

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