Promotional artwork & lettering design for 'Southern Darkness Festival' Coming to the the birthplace of death metal - Tampa, Florida this Summer 2014.
Rough concept sketch:
Refined concept sketch progress:
Digital Lineart Progress:
Digitally Hand-Drawn Lettering: 
Lettering Progress:
Southern Darkness Festival lineup includes: Pelican, Phobia, Black Tusk, Weekend Nachos, BONGRIPPER, A Storm of Light, ASG, Coke Bust, Lord Mantis, Centuries, Junius, Everything Went Black, Jungbluth, Mouth of the Architect, Yautja, Order of the Owl, Falls of Rauros, Sannhet, Maruta, STRONG INTENTION, Set and Setting, Traitor Crucifix, Immortal Bird and more. 

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