Palehorse - "Seekers of the Eternal" Offerings - Holiday 2019

Battle Axe: Black on Black, TriBlend 3/4 Raglan & T-shirt
अनाहत - Anahata / Heart Chakra 
The fourth chakra expresses as love, for either the divine or the material world.

आज्ञा - Agya / Third-Eye Chakra 
The sixth chakra. The center of consciousness of enlightened beings. 

Ganesha’s axe is a psychic weapon that cuts through attachments of the heart, severing all negative notions in the mind. It cuts through birth and death, freeing the Self from confusion with the mind, body and senses. When we begin on the spiritual path, our guru sends us books, teachings insights and lesser teachers. With his cosmic rope, he pulls us closer and closer to Self realization.
Singha: Zip-up / Pullover Hoodies & T-shirt
Satchitananda सच्चिदानन्द
SAT - Absolute, Non-changing Truth 
CHIT - Consciousness
ANANDA - Bliss
 Indra: Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve T-shirts & 8x12in. Woven Back Patch/Tapestry
Emptiness - Śūnyatā - शून्यता
Indra is known in the Rig Veda as a guardian deity and the king of the gods. He is celebrated for his victory in conquering the king of the demons known as Vritra, who is responsible for obstructing humanity from it's natural state of bliss and prosperity. When the deceptive forces of Vritra are destroyed by Lord Indra, rain and sunshine become the allies of man once again.
In this image, Indra is shown holding the sacred Soma flower, who's juice was
extracted and fermented to create a hallucinogenic elixir that is said to have uplifting,
healing qualities. And when consumed by humans, the elixir was known for it's power 
to bring us closer to divinity.

Seekers of the Eternal: 3in. Embroidered Patch
- Inspired by meditations on the sacred teachings of the Katha Upanishad.
- Narrated by Yama - The King of Death -
Practice Dying: Read it here
Hanuman / हनुमान्, : Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve T-shirts​​​​​​​
Front Calligraphy:
I refuge to Hanuman, the messenger of Lord Rama, who is swift as the mind and fast as the wind. Who has controlled his sense organs and is the most intellIgent among the intelligent ones.

Front Sanskrit
ॐ राम - OM (Aum) Rama

Sleeve Sanskrit
सीताराम - Sita-Ram 3x
Inside Neck Sanskrit
हनुमान्  - Hanuman
Seekers of the Eternal: Black, TriBlend & White T-shirts

Satchitananda सच्चिदानन्द
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