'Temple of Eternal Bliss'
50 x 20 ft mural artwork completed for SHINE Mural Festival 2019.
Location: Bayboro Brewing - St. Petersburg, Florida. USA
- Guardian lions protecting the temple entrance represent the indestructible nature of the Self 
and our ability to realize universal truth and absolute freedom in any age.  
Sat Chit Ananda - सच्चिदानन्द - Consciousness of truth is bliss.
Below process photos by Coppertop 
Shoutout to my brother Matthew Parks for being my tag team partner on this wall! 
We pushed each other non-stop for 9 days and nights to pull off this mural amidst the tropical storms.
We used meditation and yogic energization sessions each day to keep focused and alert throughout the painting marathon. I’m super proud of him and this is no doubt the first of many walls together!
Incredibly honored to have the Chop 'em Down Films in town to produce this video 
capturing the process and essence of the artwork. 
Above process photos by Jimmy Fashner
Above photos from my pal Rashad
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