'Garuda' 20ft x 8ft Shipping Container Mural
Painted for Curated Storefront ~ In association w/ Supercheif Gallery
Lord Garuda, a symbol of divine enlightenment and protection, is often seen as a conduit of divine creativity and wisdom, channeling the boundless imagination of the celestial into the minds of humanity. His majestic and transcendental form is a testament to the boundless possibilities inherent in the universe, a living embodiment of the divine tapestry woven with threads of celestial imagination.
Garuda’s presence is a reminder that the wisdom and creativity flowing from the Divine are inexhaustible fountains of inspiration, urging humanity to look beyond the seen, to think beyond the known, and to create beyond the imagined.
By contemplating Garuda, we open our minds to the sacred dance of divine creativity and human imagination, allowing us to glimpse the unseen, know the unknown, and bring forth the unmanifested. It is within this sacred dance that the seeds of profound wisdom and transformative ideas are sown, illuminating the path to elevated consciousness and enlightened living.
Painted with devotion by the Palehorse Brothers: Krishna Chandra Das & Madhava Das
over a period of 5 days in Akron, Ohio.
24x18in, Gold Foil, Hand Embellished, 4 Color Screen-Prints are now available.
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Having a depiction of Garuda in one's home is believed to bring forth the energies of protection, courage, and wisdom. It is said to ward off negative influences, granting the occupants the clarity and resolve to overcome life’s obstacles and hardships. It invites the powerful essence of divine vigilance and enlightenment, inspiring one to rise above, to see beyond the mundane, and to embrace the boundless potential within.​​​​​​​
May this devotional image of Lord Garuda bring inspiration and serene strength to all who encounter it.
Thanks for Looking. Blessings Friends!

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