'Yama - King of Death'
Screen-printed design & illustration
Silk-screened, T-shirt
Palehorse - Seekers of the Eternal 
Limited edition T-shirt available here while they last
The Sanskrit calligraphy, translated by Easwaran states: 
"Get up! Wake up! Seek the guidance of an Illumined teacher and realize the Self. 
Sharp like a razor’s edge is the path, The sages say, difficult to traverse."
Descriptions of symbols:
The mandalas on the left represent 6 of the Chakras, or centers of vital energy within the living body that can be awakened as Kundalini Shakti. • The seated boy represents the hero of the Katha Upanishad named Nachiketa who sits for 3 days in meditation waiting for Yama in the Land of Death. Next is a symbol created to signify 'The Fire of Nachiketa' - a fire sacrifice that burns out the ego and leads to immortality. • The eye represents the eye of Yama, who stalks about from the moment we are born. • The heart and rope seeks to illustrate the passage: "When all of the knots that strangle the heart are loosened, the mortal becomes immortal." • In the story, the senses are compared to horses, that unless properly trained, will relentlessly carry our bodies through time, down the roads of selfish desires. • The upside down tree is the eternal Ashwattha-tree, whose root is above, but its branches are downward, iIllustrating that the source of everything in the universe (our world) is Brahman. His dreaming is the root cause of time and space and we are the branches. The symbol ॐ (Aum) signifies the primordial sound of ultimate reality, consciousness or Atman. In the shirt I've also included an elephant, which points to Nachiketa's visions caused by Yama, to entice and test him, as elephants were a symbol of material wealth.
'Seekers of the Eternal' icon design - Stickers available here
TECHNE Skateboards
Hand-Embellished, spot color printing on black-painted deck with metallic inks
'Rose Gold' Variant - Edition of 15 available here while they last
Unsigned decks available at Techneskateboards.com

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