'Temple of Cosmic Balance'
A fully immersive installation space centered around the mystical union of consciousness & energy.
This is an ongoing exhibit now open and available to experience in person at 'Fairgrounds St. Pete.'​​​​​​​
This 21ft x 9.5 ft space features hand painted elements including a 7.5ft 'Ardhanarishvara' centerpiece, wall murals, dual infinity mirrors, traditional stained glass, UV lighting, a rotating projection lantern and 3D printed sculptures. An original 'Om Namah Shivaya' soundscape is also paired with directional sound domes emitting a vibration representing the eternal AUM (the Great Comforter and Creative Force) that is observed in deep meditation. 
'Ardhanarishvara' is the half masculine, half feminine form of the Hindu deity known as Shiva, paired with his wife Parvati or Shakti. In India, the masculine form traditionally represents logic and reason, with the feminine form representing feeling and intuition. This combination of the God and Goddess as one, reminds us that harmony is found when these two qualities are equally nurtured and balanced within us. Shakti symbolizes matter, energy or the material world. And Shiva is a symbol of the meditative mind and the eternal consciousness which perceives creation. 
These dual aspects of God are also known as Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha is pure consciousness or 'The Source' and literally means 'man', while Prakriti means 'creatrix' or the female creative energy. She is that which is created. She is nature in all of her manifestations and He is that which is conscious of Her.
Two, large infinity mirror tunnels flank the the central deity and invite viewers to lift their eyes above the horizon line and gaze into infinity. With sensitivity, the sound of AUM can be heard from the direction sound domes above. Looking and listening in the present moment, the mind becomes quiet, the heart opens and one begins to feel the divine quality of inner Calmness that is always available to us... 
Anytime. Anywhere. Everywhere. 
The mirror on the left features painted symbols of meditation and consciousness with the tunnel positioned at an adult height. The mirror on the right features a painting representing the elements of nature, (earth, water, fire, air and ether) with the tunnel positioned for children and guests seated in wheelchairs.
~ Wall Murals • Stained Glass • 3D Printed Cobra Infinity Mirror ~
'Fear Not. Peace Awaits You In The Unknown'
'Threshold guardians such as dragons, serpents, gargoyles, fierce giants etc. can be seen guarding temples and places of worship around the world. For the uninitiated, these monstrous forms may invoke fear and keep unprepared travelers from entering into a sacred space. But for those with devotion, competence and courage, these guardians are recognized as compassionate protectors that guard the gates, allowing yogis to turn inward and discover the immortal nature of the soul without distraction in any age.
Click below for a full walkthrough of the space. 
Original music created for the space by sound healer Manuel Mendez.
~ Created along with brother Matthew Parks ~
Mural assistance by Cat Gomez and collaborations with: Etch Pros, Grand Central Stained Glass  Fairgrounds St. Pete and Heinz Hinrichs. Photos by Todd bates.
Blessings friends! ~ OM NAMAH SHIVAYA ~
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Come see the space in person at Fairgrounds St. Pete

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