'Seekers of the Eternal' NFT Web3 Community & 'Hanuman Warrior' Digital Collection
~ Time-Limited Release, Featuring Tarot Card Style Symbolism & Divination ~
600 Sacred Images of the Monkey Deity Hanuman Were Minted During the Timed Release,
Pulling from 80+ Hand-Drawn Traits & Symbols.

Each 'Hanuman Warrior' NFT Includes a Personal Message 
for the Holder That is Associated with the Symbolism Depicted In Their Unique NFT.
The 4K, 3D Animated Genesis Passes Were Offered as a Free Mint to Invite the Blessings of Lord Ganesha (The Remover of Obstacles & The God of New Beginnings)
5,000 Genesis Passes (Featuring 6 Rarity Levels) Were Released in Aug. 2022
& Minted Out in Under 60 Seconds.
You Can Purchase Genesis Passes on the Secondary Market to Receive Your Discount on the Upcoming 'Hanuman Warrior' Collection & Also Benefit From the Associated Utilities.
Each Trait is Hand-Drawn in Exquisite Detail by Krishna Chandra Das (Palehorse)
Who is a Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda - Initiated Onto the Path of
Kriya Yoga by the Nayaswami's at Ananda Village.

Palehorse received his Indian name from Her Divine Grace Syamarani Dasi in Feb. 2023
and the 'Seekers of the Eternal' NFT Community Will Be Donating Funds and Spreading the Word to Help Manifest a Multi-Sensory, Sacred Art Museum / Center in Miami Florida That Will Showcase Original Pieces From World-Renown Vaisnava Artists, Including Over 200 Masterpieces by Syamarani Dasi.
In Addition to the 600 Unique Hanuman Images,
Within the Collection there will also be 10, 1of 1, Animated Hanuman Warrior NFTs
That Were Received by Lucky Minters.
Also, Hidden Within the Collection is A Series of Special Collaboration NFTs,
Such as these ones from Chris Dyer's Galaktic Gang Community.

Everyone Who Received a Collaboration NFT Will Was Also Airdropped a Hanuman Warrior
and One From the Collaborator, for a Total of 3 NFTs for the Price of One.
Each Hanuman Warrior NFT Also Features Rarity Levels for Each of the 7 Traits,
Making Them Highly Collectible
Background ~ Halo ~ Color ~ Adornment ~ Head ~ Crown ~ Arms
Seekers of the Eternal also meets every Wednesday for Guided Group Meditation
Sessions at Roots To Crown in St. Petersburg, FL.
Our Group Has Been Meeting Every Wednesday since 2017.
Every Tuesday Morning We Also Host Virtual, 30min. Meditations Sessions Via YouTube Live
at 11am(EDT). In These 'Warriors of Light' Ananda Sessions, We Practice Receiving the Flow of Divine Bliss and Sharing This Energy As Love with Our Families, Friends and the Entire Universe.

Join us Live or Via Recording Here.
'Seekers of the Eternal' is Also a Weekly Podcast Hosted by Palehorse & Jason D'Rocha
Featuring Special Guest Artists, Musicians, Authors and Spiritual Teachers.
~ 30+ Episodes Now Streaming on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube & Google ~
'Seekers of the Eternal' NFT Holders Can Also Earn Limited Edition Merchandise
SOTE Tokens Through Our Discord Server. 
Minted on the Ethereum Blockchain
600 Unique, Sacred Images of the Monkey Deity Hanuman Were Generated
During the Time Limited Release, Pulling from 80+ Hand-Drawn Traits.
Thanks for Viewing Frens! We Also Hosted a 12hr, Live Mint Party
from 9am-9pm(EDT)
Via Twitter Spaces, Featuring Special Guests: Noah Lampert (Synchronicity Podcast), Chris Dyer, Robert Ryan, Luke Brown, Illuminati Congo & Many More!

Listen to the Recording Here

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