The Dark Arts ~ Pro Wrestling & Muay Thai Dojo
Hand Painted Murals & Calligraphy 
Client: AEW's 'Malakai Black' & WWE Superstar 'Zelina'
Tibetan Buddhist Wrathful Deity: 'Mahalala'
Hindu Goddess Deity: 'Mahakali'
Hand-painted Calligraphy Wall In Palehorse Designed Script
Words by Tom Büdgen (Malakai Black)
'Mahakala' Long Sleeve Tee Shirts
Now Available For Pre-order - Shipping March 2024
'Mahakala' Gold Foil Screen Print
Now Available For Pre-order - Shipping March 2024
Courage and Determination:
Mahakala's wrathful demeanor embodies courage and determination. His presence in your home can inspire you to face difficulties with strength and resolve, encouraging you to persevere in your spiritual practice.
Mahakala is also a protective deity, and his image is believed to protect your home and family from negative influences and harm. It can create a sense of security and well-being in your living space.
Transformation of Negativities:
Mahakala's fierce appearance and symbolism represent the transformation of negative emotions and energies into positive qualities. Having his image serves as a reminder to work on transforming your own negativities into wisdom and compassion.
Guardian of the Teachings:
Mahakala's primary function is to safeguard the purity and continuity of the Buddha's teachings. Having an image of Mahakala in your home is believed to invoke his protective presence, ensuring that the Dharma remains intact and flourishes.
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