Sonic Temple Art & Music Festival: 
Series of Three - 8 x 16 ft - Pillar Murals, Painted Live On-site.
Elephant-headed, celestial son of Shiva and Parvati who is often invoked
as The Remover of Obstacles and God of New Beginnings. 
"Yaksha Guardian Giant" 
Protector deity of infinite truth and yogic practices for self realization. 
Inspired by the enormous statues that can be seen guarding the entrances of Buddhist temples in Thailand
"Golden Lotus"
The golden lotus represents the ultimate goal of self-realization and the rope or noose is a symbol
of the 'Self' pulling us closer and closer towards enlightenment once we set foot on the spiritual path.
This one had to be completed in record time to evacuate the stadium for an approaching storm!

Cheers to my talented assistant Cat Gomez.
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