Saraswati Goddess Mural
50 x 30ft ~ Floridian Social Club ~ Historic Music Venue
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA ~ August 2020

This mural honors and celebrates the blessings of the Hindu Goddess known as Saraswati, who’s image symbolizes the qualities of knowledge, music, art, 
speech, wisdom, & learning.

Her auspicious presence & the properly tuned strings of her veena instrument remind us all to tune our hearts to divine Love, so that we may live in harmony with nature 
& all beings around the world. 
May the powerful forces of wisdom & creativity continue to flow through our community & planet, inspiring us to adapt, evolve and thrive amidst any obstacle for countless 
generations to come!
Couldn't have done it without my squad! Shoutout to my brother Matthew Parks & Cat Gomez for the wonderful company non-stop, super clean brushwork!
Images of Saraswati remind us that when inspired creativity, wisdom, learning, and communication are the focus of our lives, joy, success and prosperity are known to follow. 
Saraswati is traditionally shown with four arms, representing the four elements of inner life, including: mind, intellect, ego, and consciousness. 
She is playing an instrument known as the veena, which represents the creative arts and her spirit, inspiring and moving through artists as they imagine, write, paint, sculpt, draw, dance, design and perform. 
~ Thanks for looking! Joy & creative blessings to you! ~
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